Hestia’s Application Hosting Service on AWS and MS Azure

Applications like Application Resources, Libraries, SDKs, Frameworks and Open Source Pools are hosted using the below list of application platform of our renowned partners Amazon and MS Azure

Hosting on AWS

Container, App Exe

AWS Fargate

AWS Elastic Container Service

AWS Elastic Container Registry

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes

Database , Cache

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon RDS

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Neptune

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon Redshift

API , Directory Service

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon Cloud Directory

Amazon Cognito

AWS AppSync

Amazon Directory Service

Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Hosting on MS Azure

Container, App Exe

Azure Container Service
Azure Container Registry
Azure App Service / Azure Cloud Service
Azure Kubernetes Service

Database , Cache

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure SQL Database

Azure Database for


SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Redis Cache

Oracle, Maria DB, Neo4j on Azure


API , Directory Service

Azure API Management

Azure Active Directory

Azure Elasticsearch

Hosting on Google Cloud Platform

Container, App Exe

Google Kubernetes Engine

Container Engine

App Engine

Google Firebase

Database , Cache

Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Datastore

Google Cloud Spanner

Google BigQuery

Google Cloud Bigtable


API , Directory Service

Google Cloud Functions

API Dashboard