CircleCI is Continuous Integration, a development practice which is being used by software teams allowing them to to build, test and deploy applications easier and quicker on multiple platforms.


CircleCI Overview

CircleCI – Our mission is to empower technology-driven organizations to do their best work. We want to make engineering teams more productive through intelligent automation.

CircleCI provides enterprise-class support and services, with the flexibility of a startup. We work where you work: Linux, macOS, Android – SaaS or behind your firewall

How CircleCI Works

 Automate your pipeline from commit to deploy

VCS Integration

CircleCI integrates with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and Bitbucket. Every time you commit code, CircleCI creates a build.

Automated Testing

CircleCI automatically runs your build in a clean container or virtual machine, allowing you to test every commit.


Your team is notified if a build fails so issues can be fixed quickly.                               

Automated Deployment

Passing builds are deployed to various environments so your product goes to market faster.

Faster Performance

The speed and reliability you need when building, testing, and deploying code. Choose the resources you need for optimal performance.

Complete Control

Build software your way using custom job orchestration with Workflows.


Unparalleled Flexibility

 Languages that run on Linux run on CircleCI. First-class Docker support means you can configure your environment how you want.